Baptism is how a person becomes a Christian. It is how you get adopted into the family of God. It is how you say that you intend to follow Jesus as your Lord and Savior. It is one of the two great sacraments (holy celebrations) in the Episcopal Church. In baptism, an adult–or the parents and godparents if it is a child–stand before God and the gathered community of faith to renounce evil and to give one’s life to Christ.

At St. Michael’s, the sacrament of baptism is available to anyone of any age. If it is an adult, we expect that person will live out their newfound faith as a member of our community, worshipping with us weekly and sharing in our fellowship. If it is a child, we expect that the parents will be committed to raising their child in the Christian faith, bringing their son or daughter to worship, to Sunday School and to youth classes until he or she is old enough to decide independently if they want to be confirmed.

Baptism is offered on special days throughout the year, but always at a regular church service, and never privately. Baptism classes are also required prior to the sacrament. Baptism is a serious and eternal commitment to Jesus Christ. It is, in many ways, the most important day of a person’s life. At St. Michael’s, we would be delighted to walk with you as you make this commitment to Christ.